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   People's Life around the Cheonggyecheon
      A bookstore town

During the Joseon Dynasty, there were many bookstores and in the Cheonggyecheon area, particularly areas near Gwangtongyo. Most of the publishers were located in the area, though there were some near the Jojiseo (Paper Producing Office) in Segeomjeong and elsewhere in Jaam and Ya-dong outside Namdaemun and in Song- dong near Seonggyungwan.

Books published in the area were mostly those on basic knowledge and novels written in Hangeul (Korean alphabets) for the public. They contributed greatly to popularize knowledge.
Thus, the Cheong gyecheon area played the central role in that matter during the Jos eon Dynasty and the modern era.

Bakmunguk, the nation's first modern-day publishing institution, w as established at Euljiro 2-ga in 1883. Famous bookstores, such as Hoedongseogwan and Gwangmunhoe, were also located near Gwa ngtonggyo.
     A place where women washed clothes  
Women gathered along the stream, bringing a load of clothes to wash and cauldrons to boil the clothes. Large, flat stones were used as washboards. Washed clothes were spread on the bank’s slope nearby. It was quite a scene ? the sound of laundry sticks beating clothes, white washes spread on the green grass, women chatting with each other while washing, and children playing in the stream.

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