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The Cheonggyecheon Museum opened on Sep. 26, 2005 to offer visitors a vision of the history and culture of the Cheonggyecheon at a glance. Located in Majang-dong, Seongdong-gu, the Museum is in a six-level building on land of 2,296 square meters, showing the past, present and future of the stream as well as the whole restoration process.

Visitors can head up to the 4th floor through the escalator located on the outside and go on a ground floor tour of the museum.

The Museum features Permanent Exhibition Hall (2~4F) providing extensive information on the Cheonggyecheon with A/V materials, Cafe & Art Shop (1F), Special Exhibition Hall (1F), and Seminar Room (B1F).

First, when visitors get into Permanent Exhibition Hall on the 4th floor, they see the models of a shantytown near the Cheonggyecheon at the time of the Korean War. The view and sentiment of the time is displayed through a screen located on the center of the model. When moving to the next space, visitors may simulate the feeling of walking underground Gwanggyo (Bridge) before the restoration of Cheonggyecheon. Later visitors will find the process of restoration through display panels, images and models.


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