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Cheonggyecheon flows again through the heart of Seoul, the nation`s 600-year old capital, for the new century.


Album Title : Cheonggyecheon
Conductor : Park Tae-young
Performed by : Seoul Philharmonic
Youth Orchestra
Cheonggyecheon music video
1 Song by Jo Yong-pil

Cheonggyecheon Album
1 Come to the Cheonggyecheon
2 Story of Cheonggyecheon
3 See Cheonggyecheon Again
4 In the Clean Cheonggyecheon
5 Seoul's Cheonggyecheon
6 Cheonggyecheon's Spring
7 Flow! Cheonggyecheon!
8 The Beautiful Name "Cheonggyecheon"
9 Cheonggyecheon
10 Visit Cheonggyecheon Again
11 Flow! Cheonggye!
12 Hymn for the Clean Stream
13 Hi Seoul
14 We, Together
15 My Friend Cheonggyecheon
16 Long to Live by the Cheonggyecheon
17 Cheonggyecheon Barcarolle
18 Hi! Seoul & Cheonggyecheon
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