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Overview of the Project Purposes of the Project Objectives of the Project

  Overview of the Project

Period : July 2003 ~ September 2005
Scope : A 5.84km section extending from Taepyeongno to Sindapcheolgyo(Railroad Bridge)
Objectives : Mid-term objectives to get completed by 2008 / Long-term objectives to get completed by                           2013
Budget : 349,423 million won / Actual amount spent by September 2005: 386,739 million won due to
                    design changes, prices fluctuations, and additional work.
Others :
The best possible efforts have been made not to affect the activity of the stores located near the
project site by carrying out the work and dividing the 6km site into three sections.
On each side of the stream, two lanes were left open, and some protective screens installed.
Sufficient spaces were left for loading and offloading the trucks and for the convenience of the stores
located along the stream. Some tremendous efforts were made to have the vehicles used for the job
run only at night not to affect the traffic.
The traffic was controlled with a special care for public transportation. The entire downtown area
   was designated as an area where private cars should be avoided as much as possible. Vehicles
   passing by the area were encouraged to use detours.
Main water supply resources: underground waters from nearby subway stations, the Hangang, and
   water from Jungnang Sewage Treatment Station
Establishment of the basic development concept based on the Basic Urban Development Plan and
   the Basic Downtown Management Plan.
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