Stadium Introduction
  • Facilities and Status
  • You may see the management and operation system, member organization, facilities status, etc. for the
    Seoul World Cup Stadium.
  • A. Management, Operation System
  • Pre-World Cup Tournament (Before May 2002): Seoul World Cup Stadium Construction Group
    During World Cup Tournament (Jun 2002): World Cup Committee
    Post World Cup Tournament (After Jul 2002): Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation
    Nov 9 2001: Agreed on vendor contract (Seoul Mayor: Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management
    Corporation Director)
  • B. Organization and Staff
  • Organization: 1 Division, 2 teams (Management Team, Facilities Management Team)
    Staff: 48 (18 in Management Team, 30 in Facilities Management Team)

       A) Stadium Facilities Outline
            Location: 515, Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
            Land area: 216.712㎡
            Building Area: 57,859㎡
            Total building area: 164,829㎡
            Number of Floors: 1 Underground Level, 6 Stories High (Max Elevation at 49.4m)
            Shape: Square (304m X 279m)

       B) Capacity
            Total Seats : 66,806 (VIP Seats, Press Seats, Sky Boxes included)
            VIP Seats: 816
            Press Seats: 754
            Sky Boxes: 75 Private Rooms in 6 different types (12-29 people per room)
            Roof Installation: 90% of Total Seats (100% of VIP, Press and Disabled Seats)
            Parking Capacity: 1,396 Total Spaces (535 in Stadium, 861 in Park Parking Lot)
            - Audience seats: Pre-cast concrete (P.C) structure
            - Lower audience seat section: Steel frame structure (Lower level: R.C Structure)
            - Roof: Steel Truss + TENSILE structure + Teflon fabric (covering)
  • C. Interior Status of Facility
  •    A) Stadium Entrance
            Viewer Entrance - No. of entrances: 96 total
            Inner Fence - No. of entrances: 254 total
            Member entrances 16

       B) Facilities for the Disabled
            Seats for the Disabled: 186 (including 146 variable seats)
            Seats for aides: 102 (102 variable seats/fixed seats)
            Bathroom for the disabled: 62 Male: 28 units, Female: 26 units, Family: 8
            Parking Lot for the disabled: 40 spaces, Location - inside Stadium lot
            30 spaces - south parking a lot
            Summer: 70 spaces

       C) Medical Facilities
            Medical center for audience: Location and number - 3rd Floor 4 units
            Medical center for players and referees : Location - B1 in player and referee area

       D) Convenience Facilities for Audience
            Restrooms: 307 total Bathroom: 95 total, Female Bathrooms: 96 total
            Stores: 24 Location: 8 on 1st Floor, 8 on 3rd Floor, 8 on 5th Floor
            Information Desk: 3 total Location: 1 at North Plaza, 2 on
            South Plaza, Ticketing Stations: 3 total (Total booths: 20)
            Location: 2 on North Plaza, 2 on southern parking lot

       E) Safety Facilities
            Central Control Room : Location - 4th Floor
            Police Station Location - 4th Floor
            Announcement Room : Location - 4th Floor
            Fire Station : Location - 4th Floor
            Emergency Response Center : 1st Floor
  • D. Management Point
  • Maximize utilization of facilities in the Stadium
    - Improve rental rates for large - scale sports and cultural events
    Develop environment around the Stadium together with profitable enterprises
    - Stir commercial activity through strategic marketing of portable enterprises and vendor companies
    - Develop into spot to spend leisure time through promotion of the park and DMC
    Active response to changes in management environment
    - Active response to changes in external environment
Children's Grand Park holds a four season festival every year
Section Quantity Contents
Automatic Control Equipment 6 types for a total of 35 6 servers, 10 PCs, 3 HUB, 3 Light Converters,
6 Screens, etc.
Electric Power Equipment 6 types for a total of
149 Switchgears, 2 emergency generators,
4 non-blackout switchgears, 23 converters, etc.
Total capacity 12,000kw
Communications Equipment 16 types for a total of 2,323 2 electric monitors, 1,974 speakers, 1 switchboard, 104 CCTV, etc.
Mechanical Equipment 15 types for a total of
180 ventilators, 14 heat exchangers, 147 pumps,
6 temperature and humidifiers, 19 air conditioners, 11 elevators, 5 refrigerators, etc.
Fire Equipment 5 types for a total of
5 fire pumps, 94 fire prevention shutters, 607 fire
extinguishers, 206 fire hydrants, 5,768 sprinklers, 8 freeing ports, etc.
Grass Stadium 3 total at 18,276㎡ Main Stadium (9,126㎡), Auxiliary Stadium
(8,214㎡) Reserve (936㎡)